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Beach walks, family days by the water and fish and chips on the sand is something many of us dream of being able to do on a daily basis, but we also know that living on the coast can be expensive!

That’s why we’ve put together our top list of Adelaide’s affordable and liveable coastal suburbs; making that beach side dream seem a little closer to reality.

To help you find your dream coastal area, check out the People’s Choice of Housing - a new way to look at Adelaide’s most affordable and liveable suburbs. We can’t find your perfect home – that’s up to you – but we can give you a better idea of where you may find it.

Coastal Suburbs

 Suburb  Median House Price
 1  Hove  $638,000
 2  Hallett Cove  $455,000
 3  North Haven
 4  Largs North  $434,500
 5  Birkenhead  $400,000

The People’s Choice of Housing analyses and assesses data relating to Adelaide suburbs for their serviceability, affordability and liveability. Serviceability includes an assessment of whether a couple on ordinary incomes with average debt and expenditure levels would be likely to receive finance approval for a loan for a median-priced home in each suburb, based on standard industry assessment practices. Affordability looks to the amount left to a borrower after paying for mortgage payments. Liveability assesses a broad range of factors including crime rates relating to each suburb, public transport accessibility and driveability.

Suburbs without median house prices available for the report period are not available for assessment. The People’s Choice of Housing cannot provide individual advice as financial circumstances differ, but does provide an indication of which suburbs or towns may appeal to first homebuyers.

For more information relating to the People’s Choice of Housing, its methodology and interpretation, please email housing@peopleschoicecu.com.au.

Take a look at the People's Choice of Housing October 2019 full guide.

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