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Many of us try to be environmentally conscious at home, but it can be tough to keep up when travelling. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway, or a long-haul trip, here are four ecofriendly holiday tips to help get you started.  

Choose conscious attractions

Researching conscious attractions is a great place to start and thankfully there are options that won’t cost the earth, financially or environmentally. Planning a holiday itinerary with conscious attractions can be made easier by using conscious tour companies who will not only guide you to experience the best parts of your destination, but they also care for the environment you’re visiting. If tours aren’t for you, try choosing attractions that focus on the preservation of natural attractions and cultural sites.

Eat sustainable

Eating sustainably when travelling might be easier than you think. Making simple choices like heading to the local farmers market can help ensure you’re supporting locally grown produce, and local suppliers. If you’re wanting to try local recipes, sustainable restaurants are making waves around the world. A simple search of sustainable restaurants where you’re visiting should provide a range of options with a focus on zero-waste and using local and in season produce.

Sustainable transport

Environmentally friendly transport options are easy to overlook when there are simple solutions like ride share apps at our fingertips, but with a little more planning, sustainable transport is a great way to see any destination.  Public transport is an easy way to see a new city or town like the locals do, and it’s usually much cheaper than other transport options, too. If you prefer to get yourself moving, hiring a bike or electric scooter is yet another cost-effective way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Book eco accommodation

Accommodation can be a big-ticket item on any holiday budget, so it’s important that it’s spent in line with what matters to you. There are countless sustainable accommodation options on offer at most destinations, meaning there’s something for everyone. Options can range from high end eco resorts, to ecofriendly holiday homes, to the popular option of glamping, and even more traditional camping sites.  Whether you’re off on a solo adventure, a trip with friends or even a family holiday, there’s an option to suit most budgets and accommodation preferences.  

With a bit of research, planning and budgeting, you can add sustainable elements to any getaway plan.

Five ways to reduce my carbon footprint

Reducing your carbon footprint is a great way to take action against climate change and have a personal positive impact on the environment.

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