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Travelling can be an amazing way to see the world, visit loved ones, and make incredible memories, but as we all know, most 2020 travel is currently grounded.

While we’re playing our part and staying at home during COVID-19, it doesn’t mean all is lost when it comes to our travel plans.

Planning for travel in uncertain times means looking at things a little differently. Yes, it might be disappointing that we can’t head away right now, but it’s prime time to revisit our bookings and itinerary, and if we didn’t have plans already, we can take this time to relish in wanderlust and get organised for down the track.

Revisit the planning stage

Maybe you had plans to head to Europe on the trip of a lifetime or were heading for a relaxing trip away with friends. Either way, local, national and international restrictions have changed, meaning we need to adapt, too. Being prepared and flexible when planning your travel after COVID-19 is a great place to start. You can be prepared by keeping an eye on government websites like Smart Traveller for up to date information on restrictions and advice. You might need to hold off on booking flights, but you can plan your itinerary, find the best hotel rooms for you and research travel tips to help make your future holiday plans amazing.

Being organised and looking into the less glamourous side of holiday planning is a good way to spend our extra time at home, too.  Researching travel insurance, looking into how to update your passport, what entry visas are required for the countries you want to visit and what foreign currency you’ll need along the way, are just some ideas.

Go local first, international later

We often make big picture holiday plans without considering visiting our own backyard , but it’s likely that when we can travel again, trips within our home states will be allowed first, then interstate and then international. If you already had big travel plans that have  been cancelled, switching it up to turn one big trip into a couple of local trips could be a great way to ensure you get a holiday sooner rather than later - and who knows, your dream destination could be more local than you think! Travelling locally also helps support local businesses that may have been doing it tough throughout COVID-19.

Take the time to save

If you’ve already planned your holiday and have had to re-schedule or cancel, take some time to re-evaluate your travel budget. You might want to simply check that you’re still tracking well and are on target for when you can go away, or you might want to  adjust your budget and costs if your financial position has changed over the last few months.

If you’re yet to plan a holiday, now could be the perfect time to dust off the travel wallet and make a holiday savings plan.

Plan your bucket list

Finally, why not dream up that bucket list? Dreaming, planning, booking, experiencing and sharing can all be part of the great travel experience. Right now we can only focus on the dreaming and planning stages, but they can be really rewarding stages, and ones we often rush through. Take the time to think about your next big trip and how you're going to go about. You can make a list of your top places to visit, along with any go-to festivals and attractions. There is so much inspiration online to help your imagination run wild, like travel podcasts, documentaries and even virtual tours set up around the world for you to explore tourist destinations during COVID-19. A few to get you started are a tour of the Great Wall of China, a visit to the Louvre in Paris, and even a virtual tour of the Norwegian lights!

The content of this article is up-to-date at the time of publication (12 May 2020).

Dreaming, planning, booking, experiencing and sharing can all be part of the great travel experience. Whilst right now we can only focus on stages dreaming and planning, they are really rewarding stages, and ones we often rush through.

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