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When buying a home, especially your first home, you realise how much stuff you actually need.

Everything from bathmats to salt and pepper shakers needs to be considered but that can make your move an expensive exercise.

This is why we’ve put together these 5 spendy’s and savey’s tips when it comes to your new home - Taking a look at the things you can scrimp on and the things it’s worth investing that bit more in.

Spendy – TV

While TVs are changing rapidly, it’s still worthwhile getting something with a bit of grunt. In saying that, don’t blow all your savings on the very latest curved 4K monster screen but think about what you really want in a TV and spend what you can afford. When your picture and sound quality is second to none as you enjoy all your favourite streaming options you’ll be glad you spent the money and didn’t take your Aunt’s fat back model she had in her spare room that worked if you stood in the right spot.

Saveys – Couch

A couch can be a big purchase – but really, as long as it’s comfortable does it need to be state of the art with cupholders or electronic recliners? To help you get on your feet ask around and see if anyone is upgrading. Leather couches are often better after a few years when they’ve softened anyway and if you don’t love the colour of your temporary couch, then grab some pretty pillows and a throw rug to cover that up. Make sure you prioritise comfort over looks and you’ll never want to get up off your new couch.

Spendy – Vacuum

Although it may have been previously considered to be one of the most boring home appliances, the rise of robo-vacs and cordless vacuums have shattered that misconception. Nowadays a quality vacuum is the most researched item in any household and when you get into your new pad and have to keep it clean you will know why. Don’t scrimp when it comes to cleanliness, invest in the best one you can afford and enjoy the benefits of a quality vacuuming experience.

Saveys – Kitchen Electronics

Do you really need a state of the art toaster to complete your morning brekky routine? A see through kettle won’t make your cup of tea taste any better than the ones you can buy at your local supermarket. So save your dollars and put them towards something else. This goes for rice cookers, sandwich presses – basically anything that will spend more time in the cupboard than in use.

Spendy – Bed/Manchester

On average we spend a third of our lives sleeping. Provided you’re not falling asleep on the couch in front of the TV, the bulk of that will be in your bed – which is why it’s important to invest wisely in a quality bed, mattress and sheets. Make your bed a place you want to get into each night by focussing on the things that make a real difference to your sleeping experience; think soft and breathable sheets and a quality mattress and pillows. You can cut costs when it comes to the decorative elements such as bed spreads and decorative pillows but make sure you invest where it counts.

Saveys – Crockery

Plates, bowls, mugs and glassware have come a long way over the years and while you can spend huge amounts on high-quality china goods, you really don’t need to. Take the time to scour the large department stores for a set you like and stock up. Plus, it won’t be as heartbreaking when you inevitably smash one.

Spendy - Fridge

Whitegoods are one of the more expensive purchases you will need to make but hopefully one you won’t need to make too often. Take the time to research - investing in a new fridge can have the flow on effect of saving you in the long run as a higher energy rating will reduce your electricity costs. There are even some utility rebates which you can take advantage of so be sure to look at all your options and choose the right fridge for you.

Saveys – Coffee Tables

Side tables, coffee tables or footstools are things which can clutter a space very quickly. If you really want somewhere to prop your feet on, see what you can find second-hand, that way you can test it to see if it really works in the space you have.  Live in your home for a while before you take the plunge!

Spendy – Pots and Pans

Now that you’re the proud owner of a home – and the mortgage that comes with it –  you and your kitchen are going to become the best of friends as cooking at home is going to really help your new budget. Investing in quality cookware means that you will be excited to get behind the stove top and they will actually last. If you take care of your pots and pans they’ll be with you for many years and by spending more on them now, you will be encouraged to look after them; there’s no way you’ll be leaving a $100+ frypan unwashed in the sink overnight! Quality cookware will help you be a better chef* so you really do get what you pay for when it comes to kitchen cooking. However keep in mind that you don’t need to invest in the complete set; a range of sizes of quality pots and pans is all you need to help you master your inner culinary skills.

*Okay, this isn’t a guarantee – but at least you’ll look the part?

Saveys – Decanter bottles and jars

We all aspire to opening our pantry or bathroom cabinet to see neat lines of non-labelled bottles and jars which have our products decanted from their original packaging but those containers really add up. Instead, look at the packaging you have and see if certain jars can be washed and reused again. Jam and pasta sauce jars make the perfect container for bits and bobs once they’ve been washed out. Sure they might not be matching and uniform but it won’t make your cereal taste any different or your shampoo smell better so give it a go and save your money.

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