Personal Insurance isn't about saving for disasters you think will never happen; it's about protecting yourself, your family, dependants and your lifestyle against loss.

Many people insure their home, their personal possessions and their car, but fail to insure their most important asset; their ability to produce an income and safeguard future interests.

It's probably not something you like to think about, but if you had an accident or became seriously ill and were unable to work, would you have enough savings or insurance to deal with the financial consequences?

If you suffered a critical illness and needed extensive medical treatment, time off work or modifications to your home, could you afford these expenses?

If you died, would your family or other dependants cope financially?

    There are generally three main considerations

    • Insurance to cover your debts so they're not passed onto your family.
    • Insurance to cover medical expenses and short term drops in income.
    • If your income is important to your family's lifestyle, insurance to provide an income stream if you can no longer work.

    To learn more about personal insurance as part of your financial planning journey with us, download our brochure.

    Featured products

    • Income protection

      • Provides an income when you're unable to work due to illness or injury
      • Income protection can pay up to 75% of your salary for a pre-determined benefit period
      • Premiums are generally tax-deductible, depending on your individual circumstances
    • Life insurance

      • Provides a lump sum payment if you die or become terminally ill
      • Paid to your beneficiaries or estate
      • Benefit payments can be used to pay off debts and provide for your dependants
      • Premiums can be paid through superannuation to minimise out of pocket expenses
    • Trauma insurance

      • Provides a lump sum payment if you survive for 14 days after some serious medical conditions (such as heart attack, cancer, stroke)
      • Can cover 40+ medical conditions depending on the product chosen
      • Can be used to cover medical and related expenses and top-up lost income
      • Helps relieve financial worries so you can focus on getting better
    • Total and permanent disability insurance

      • Provides a lump sum payment if an illness or injury leaves you totally and permanently disabled and unable to work
      • Not related to any specific illness or injury
      • Generally used to cover medical costs and lifestyle changes
      • Reduce financial commitments in the face of no future income

    Most popular questions

    • How can a Financial Planner help me?

      Our qualified Financial Planners have the training and experience to help you in a number of areas. A People's Choice Financial Planner will help you identify your personal & financial goals, and put in place a plan to help you achieve them.
    • How do I get in touch with a Financial Planner?

      To make an appointment today please visit our website or contact the Financial Planning Support Team on 1300 132 982 or at fpsupport@peopleschoicecu.com.au.
    • What services do Financial Planners provide?

      We provide a number services including, but not limited to, Superannuation, Retirement, Pre-Retirement, Personal Insurance for you and your family, Wealth Accumulation outside superannuation, Self Managed Super Funds, Centrelink and Aged Care, Debt Reduction and Estate Planning.
    • When should I see a Financial Planner?

      Generally, the main reasons most people seek financial advice is to either protect themselves and their family in the event of serious illness or injury, grow their wealth through their working years and plan for retirement. We can help with all of this and more, but above all , we can help provide peace of mind so that you can enjoy the important things in life. It is never too late to seek advice from a Financial Planner, but it is always better to start early. Remember, the best time to invest was 20 years ago, and in 20 years time, the best time to invest would be today. Our experienced Financial Planners can help you plan for your future and protect your family at any time or at any stage of your life.
    • How much does it cost to see a Financial Planner?

      There is no cost for the first appointment as this is about getting to know you and whether People’s Choice Financial Planning is the right fit for you. Before any fees are paid you will be provided with a fixed price.
    • Will you only recommend People's Choice products?

      No. People's Choice is not owned by a product manufacturer and People's Choice Financial Planners are able to use a range of both industry and retail superannuation funds to meet your needs.

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