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You work hard for your money, so it makes sense that you’d want to get as much out of it as possible. If you want to stretch every dollar, it helps to arm yourself with the knowledge you need to save money and avoid waste.

To make life a little easier, we’ve got a bunch of great financial calculators for you to use. These can help you track your savings against your goals; forecast your future loan repayments; see the impact of making extra repayments on your debts; and work out the value of your home. These tools are designed to help you make more informed decisions and better understand the financial options available to you.

Personal income calculators

Most Australians make the majority of their income from work. If that sounds like you, we’ve got a few tools to make managing your financial future simpler. These three tools are all about the money you’re making now: from how much tax you pay, to how much interest you earn, and how you divvy up that money into a weekly budget.

Income tax calculator

This calculator helps you work out how much income tax you should be paying every week, fortnight, month, or year based on your current salary. It’s super simple and takes about 20 seconds to use, as long as you know how much you’re regularly paid. Have a go at using our income tax calculator and see how easy it is for yourself.

This tool can be handy for working out what the real increase in your pay would be if you got a raise. Just plug in your current salary and note down the after-tax amount, then do the same for your new salary. The difference is your net increase after tax. Easy!

Ever heard of someone turning down a pay rise because they’d enter a higher tax bracket? Perhaps they are of the misconception that with a higher tax bracket comes higher taxes and a lower salary overall. This may signal a misunderstanding of how marginal tax rates work.

Entering a higher tax bracket does not mean that you pay more tax on all of your income — just a higher proportion on the amount over the threshold. Our calculator shows that no salary increase will decrease your total after-tax salary, even if it crosses into a higher tax bracket. Give it a go!

Savings calculator

Want a simple way to compare returns on different savings accounts? Use our savings calculator to forecast how much your balance will grow over time, including both principal and interest.

You can play with the starting balance, interest rate, investment term and extra deposits to forecast how long it will take to achieve your savings goals. This calculator is a great way to demonstrate the effects of compound interest on your long-term savings. By adding a little extra to your account at regular intervals now, you can greatly increase the amount of interest you earn in the future.

Keep in mind, this calculator doesn’t account for any opening, closing, or ongoing fees you might face. If you're using this tool to compare different savings accounts, you’ll have to factor those into your calculations on your own.

Budget tracker

Not sure where all your money is going every month? Looking for places to cut back on spending? Want to know what proportion of your salary is spent wining and dining your new partner? Our budget tracker can help  — just be careful what you wish for on that last one...

Using this tool properly means doing a little bit of planning and preparation, but the effort is certainly worth it. You’ll need as much accurate information as possible about your income and expenses to get the most out of this calculator. While a little estimation here-and-there might not hurt, too much of it will skew your results.

This calculator compares your sources of income with your expenses to help you understand how much you might need to get by. Some expenses are simple, like weekly petrol costs or grocery bills. However, some might need you to get the right documents together unless, of course, you know your health insurance premiums and kid’s school fees off the top of your head.

Home loan calculators

For many Aussies, paying monthly mortgage repayments takes up a sizeable portion of income and is the single biggest regular expense to worry about. With our home loan calculators, you can compare different loan options and forecast how long it might take you to pay off your debt. Our home loan calculators can help you compare your options and make more informed decisions that might save you money in the long run.

Home loan calculator

Our home loan calculator lets you dial in your loan amount, the term of the loan, interest rates, repayment types, and repayment frequency to find out how much your home loan repayments could be. You can use it to compare home loans from People’s Choice and see how changes to interest rates of repayment amounts can have long-lasting effects.

This calculator has loads of interactive charts that are handy for visualising how much of your repayments are going towards paying down the loan principal, and how much are going towards interest. The tool lets you easily compare the impact of repaying the interest only, and making combined repayments of both principal and interest. It’s a handy way to make the long-term costs of a loan seem more real.

Extra repayments calculator

With our extra repayments calculator, you can see what the long term effects of making extra home loan repayments would be. It’s a handy way to see how making extra contributions on your monthly repayments can greatly reduce the amount of interest you pay over the life of the loan.

Mortgage comparison calculator

Our mortgage comparison calculator lets you do just that — compare home loans. You can use it to compare loans from People’s Choice, or you can plug in the numbers from your current loan to see how it stacks up. We think it’s pretty nifty and hope you will too.

Personal loan calculators

After a personal loan? They’re loans designed to help you reach your personal lifestyle goals a little bit sooner. Our personal loan calculators can help you work out what your personal loan repayments would look like, how long it will take to pay down the principal and interest, and see how much interest you’d pay over the life of the loan.

Personal loan calculator

Our personal loan calculator is really easy to use. Just select a personal loan from People’s Choice, pop in the loan amount, fill in the loan term, and choose how often you’d like to make repayments. Done.

The tool shows how much your regular repayments might be and how much interest you could pay over the whole loan period. If you’re interested, you can also use the extra repayment option to see how much interest you could save by making extra repayments to your personal loan. Please be mindful that terms, conditions, fees, charges and lending criteria apply and are available on application.

Hopefully the financial calculators above can help you save some money and spend a little wiser. If you’re having trouble or want to learn more about how we can help you, feel free to reach out to us or visit us in a branch for some one-on-one time.

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