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Use our personal loan repayment calculator to find out what your repayments would be with a personal loan from People's Choice.

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    • How do I apply for a Personal Loan?

      You can apply for a Personal Loan online, by calling 13 11 82, or by visiting your nearest branch.

      Make sure you have the following information at hand when applying:

      Income details – pay slips, child support, pensions, overtime, allowances, rental income, commissions etc

      Expense details – utility bills, rent, board, loan repayments, credit and store cards, maintenance, lease payments etc

      Asset information – cash savings, value of motor vehicles, shares, bonds, property, furnishings etc

      Residential and employment details for the last three years
      Australian driver’s licence number and expiry
    • What can I use to secure my Personal Loan?

      Depending on the Personal Loan you choose, you can use a new or used car, motorbike, caravan or a term deposit / savings.

      Take a look at the different Personal Loans we offer at People's Choice here.
    • How much can I borrow to purchase a car?

      Our Personal Loans start from as little as $2,000 and our Discounted Personal Loans start from as little as $10,000.

      The maximum loan is based on the amount that you can afford to repay.

      Calculate how much you can borrow with our free Personal Loan calculator.
    • How do I refinance a personal loan?

      To refinance an existing personal loan from People’s Choice or from another financial institution, to a personal loan with People’s Choice, you will need to apply to refinance either online, by calling us on 13 11 82 or by visiting your nearest branch.

      During your application you will be required to provide some documentation so we can assess your situation. Examples include:
          - Loan repayment history for the previous three months
          - Bank statements

      If you are applying to refinance online, please select Refinance as loan purpose on the online application form.

    • Who do I contact If I'm having financial difficulty meeting my People's Choice loan or credit card repayments ?

      You can call People's Choice Credit Union on 08 8124 2148 or email us at cmanagementpccu@peopleschoicecu.com.au or visit your local branch and speak to one of our friendly staff.

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