Key benefits of this loan

Available loan size $50,000 plus
Interest only repayment option
Unlimited extra repayments


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Secured by Residential Property up to $1,000,000
Variable Rate
Variable rate tool tip text.
% p.a.
Secured by Commercial Property up to $1,000,000
Variable Rate
Variable rate tool tip text.
% p.a.

Product overview

If you're planning a building or construction project for your new or expanding business, with our Business Variable Construction Loan you can enjoy the benefits of interest only repayments and withdraw your funds gradually over a period of 12 months while you build.

By only paying the interest due each month during this period, you can reduce your loan repayments and reduce the drain on your cash flow.

Link your business loan with a business account and have all your business banking in one convenient location.
  • 12 months interest only during the construction period

    With the option of re-contracting an additional 48 months subject to our agreement

  • Freedom to make unlimited extra repayments with no pre-payment fees

    Reduce your loan term and save money

  • Flexible repayment options after construction is complete

    Pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly


  • Minimum loan size is $50,000.
  • Minimum deposit is 20% (80% Loan to Value Ratio or lower).
Upfront fees
Application fee$600 for loans up to $80,000
0.75% of loan, for loans greater than $80,000
Ongoing fees
Monthly fee$0
Annual fee$0
Other fees
Third party chargese.g. stamp duty

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