Important update for new borrowers

We are making improvements to our credit and deposit product documents. These changes are for your benefit and will take effect from 9 November 2023. Changes to your documents only apply to you if we sent you documents that were not signed and returned before 9 November 2023*.
* Documents sent after 9 November 2023 include the changes. Other members will have the benefit of changes to our processes, although documents will not change.

    Updated document list

    The updated terms are set out in the documents linked to the right, sorted by product.
    Letter of Offer (Home Lending)
    Letter of Offer

    The following changes will take effect in respect of your Letter of Offer:

    • In any provision where we are required to form an opinion, exercise a discretion, make an election, make a determination or form or hold an opinion or be satisfied regarding any fact (including the form of another agreement or document), event or circumstances, in doing so, we will act reasonably.

    • If you have a fixed rate home loan, please refer to this Break Cost Fact Sheet that sets out details about our Break Cost fee formula, including a description of the formula. 


    This notice will not legally alter the terms of any mortgage, but we will act in a manner consistent with these changes that are to your benefit.   Where we have issued you a mortgage document as part of a Home Lending process, we will only exercise our rights in respect of that mortgage where consistent with the Memorandum of Standard Terms of Mortgage in the link below.

    Disclosure Documents

    There is certain information we are required to provide relating to our products and services to ensure you make the right choice for your individual circumstances, and are fully aware of your rights and obligations, as well as all fees and charges.

    Public Notices

    Insurance Product Disclosure Statements


    In addition to these legal requirements, listed below are some other important documents which may assist you with your day-to-day banking:

    For more information about any of these products contact us on 13 11 82 or visit any branch.