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Most popular questions

  • Will I have to pay an excess for travel insurance claims?

    An ‘excess’ is your contribution towards the cost of a claim. We will reduce the amount we pay you for a claim for any one incident by your excess amount. This can be found on your policy schedule. You cannot remove the excess by paying a higher premium.
  • Who can I contact regarding my travel insurance if I am overseas?

    If you have any difficulties while you are travelling, call our Emergency Assistance Hotline and speak with one of our expertly trained, multilingual staff. The numbers to call reverse charge, depending on whether you are travelling within Australia or overseas are (02) 8895 0698 (within Australia) and +61 2 8895 0698 (via the local operator while overseas).
  • How do I make a travel insurance claim?

    Making a claim is easy. Just call CGU on 13 24 80 or email and quote your policy number. You can make a claim 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Learn more about making a general insurance claim here.
  • What information will I need when lodging a claim?

    The more information you are able to give the CGU claims consultant, the quicker we will be able to settle. You will need to provide the following details: Your policy number and type Verify your personal policy details The name of the insured on the policy Detailed description of the incident The date of loss and the loss address Any details of other parties involved (if applicable)
  • What happens with my excess?

    All excesses are specified in your insurance policy schedule or policy booklet and conditions regarding the payment of your excess will vary depending on the policy type, i.e. motor, land, etc. For example, with a motor claim, if CGU determine that you are not ‘at fault’ in an incident, CGU will not deduct the excess specified in your insurance policy when CGU settle your claim. However, if CGU determine you are ‘at fault’, the excess will apply.check link
  • What happens when I make a claim?

    Once your claim is lodged with CGU, they will allocate a claims consultant who will contact you with the next step. Your claims consultant will keep you informed about your claim's progress along the way. CGU will give you a claim number which will be your ongoing reference to the claim. You can use this reference for all claims enquiries when providing information to CGU on your claim. Some claims are simple but others are more involved - either way, you can be sure that CGU will be working as quickly and efficiently as possible to process your claim.

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