Key benefits

No monthly account fees
No fees for additional repayments or early payout
Flexible repayment frequency - pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly
Low rate for cars up to seven years old^
Redraw facility against your extra loan repayments
Pre-approval valid for 90 days
  • Good grows together. Ready to make it happen?

    Get a discounted interest rate for a green vehicle^ - whether it's hybrid, electric or hydrogen. It's our way of saying thanks. 


  • What is a Green Car Loan?

     A Green Car Loan is a secured loan where a discount is offered to encourage or reward you to opt for a more environmentally friendly car, like a qualifying hybrid or electric car.
  • Am I eligible for a Green Car Loan?

    To be eligible for our Green Car Loan, you need to borrow $20,000 or more, and your vehicle must be used as security for the loan as well as, satisfy our security requirements and lending criteria.
  • How do I apply for a Green Car Loan?

    You can apply for a Green Car Loan the same way as any other personal loan. No extra verification or documents are required. Simply apply online, give us a call, or drop into your nearest branch.
  • What vehicles are eligible for a Green Car Loan?

    We’ll accept pure electric (EVs), plug-in hybrid electric (PHEVs), fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), regenerative electric (non-plug in) (HEVs) or hydrogen vehicles to be eligible for our Green Car Loan. Vehicles can be up to seven years old. 
  • Can I refinance to a Green Car Loan if I already have an existing People’s Choice personal loan?

    No, you’re unable to refinance an existing People’s Choice personal loan to our Green Car Loan. 
    If you have an existing loan for a green car with another financial institution, you can refinance this to a People’s Choice Green Car Loan, if the lending and product eligibility criteria are met.
  • Why should I choose a green car?

    Green cars are better for the environment, require less fuel and come with potential tax benefits. Not to mention, there are increasingly more options as they rise in popularity across Australia. Buying a green car could also qualify you for our Green Car Loan.

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