Financing your holiday 

If it’s time for a getaway, your journey begins with some research and planning. Whether you’re going on a holiday overseas or exploring Australia, you may decide you need some help funding your trip. 

When you’ve decided where you’re going, you can begin to work out how much money you’ll need for the overall holiday. This includes flights, accommodation, insurance, any gear you’ll need, as well as spending money. Consider how much you’ve saved and how much you’ll earn before you leave. If you decide you’d like to take out a travel loan for your holiday, a People’s Choice personal loan can help. 


Unsecured vs secured personal loans for travelling

Lenders can help you with getting a loan for going on a holiday, but not all are the same. Eligibility criteria, loan periods and interest rates may differ depending on the loan type and loan amount. 

One of the biggest differences between loans is whether they are secured or unsecured, that is, whether you need to provide anything as security for the loan. If you take out a secured personal loan, you can potentially get a lower interest rate or pay off the loan over a longer period. We’re here to help you with these decisions and you can read more here if you want to learn the difference between secured and unsecured personal loans.


Buy foreign cash

You may need to pay cash when you are travelling overseas, and you can purchase foreign currency anytime using BPAY or credit card.

Travel insurance

Enjoy your holiday knowing travel insurance is there for you if something goes wrong. We have a range of policies to suit your travel plans.

Travel guide

Check out our travel guide for some tips for before you go, and for while you’re away.

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