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Home and contents insurance might seem pretty stock standard, but if you take a deeper look into your policy, you might find that you're covered for more than you realise!

Apart from the usual items you’d consider like your TV, jewellery and white goods, some items may surprise you. Check out our list of five things you didn’t know could be covered under your Home and Contents Insurance policy. Each insurer and policy is different, so be sure to check yours first.

1. Indoor plants

If you manage to keep your beloved indoor plants alive, your Home and Contents Insurance policy may cover them if they’re stolen, burnt or maliciously damaged.

2. Key replacement and key recoding

You don’t realise just how annoying it is to have your keys stolen until it happens! But with Home and Contents Insurance, getting keys to an external door or window replaced and recoded could be covered under your policy, depending on your policy choice. If they’re stolen, you usually need to report it to the Police before you can claim. So, while having them stolen will likely still be frustrating, it could be a lot less costly if you’re covered with insurance!

3. Commercial storage

With many of us opting for smaller homes, one of the disadvantages can be less room for storing our valuables. As a result, commercial storage usage is on the rise. Under a Home and Contents Insurance policy, depending on your policy, items you’ve put in storage could be covered for loss or damage while they’re in a commercial storage unit in Australia. They’ll need to be items that the insurer has agreed to cover, for example money, jewellery and negotiable documents may not be covered when in storage. This coverage will depend on the policy you choose.

4. Guest and visitor belongings

Love entertaining and having guests come and stay? Your Home and Contents policy could cover your guest’s and visitor’s belongings for loss or damage while they’re in your home.

5. Broken bones

Probably the most surprising on the list is broken bones, which are covered on some home and contents insurance policies.

Protect the items you love with contents insurance

High-end fashion? Indoor plants? Antique furniture? What you need to know about protecting the items you love with contents insurance.

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