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Our days are busy and keeping up with life can be hard, but one thing that doesn’t have to be difficult is your banking.

We've put together some simple tips that will make your everyday banking easier.


Simple payments, without the brain power

Having to remember (or worse, look up) your BSB and account number every time someone is transferring money to you becomes a real pain. Free up that memory by creating a PayID in Internet Banking.

A PayID replaces the need for you to use your BSB and account number to receive payments, instead using your mobile number or email address. Using Fast Payments also means you’ll receive your money in seconds (between participating banks). A PayID is also verified against a name so you know exactly who you’re paying.


Let your bills take care of themselves

Think about the payments you make on a regular basis that don’t change. Scheduling them to come out of your account (weekly, fortnightly, monthly or annually) means you shouldn’t miss a payment date again or receive pesky late fees.

Internet Banking and the People’s Choice Mobile Banking App lets you create payments once and set an ongoing schedule to pay a BPAY biller code, BSB and account number or (as you’ve learnt from tip number one) a PayID.

You can also set and forget transfers between your own accounts. Handy to help you hit those savings goals sooner with an achievable amount automatically moved into your savings whenever your pay comes in.

You’re always in control. You can pause, delete or edit your schedules at any time if things do change.


Go green with eStatements

Saving on paper and time, registering for eStatements means your monthly statements are delivered straight to Internet Banking – there for you to print or email as you need. eStatements will also help you cut down on your filing by storing all your past statements online for you to review, where only you can see them.

If you need a copy of your transactions before your statement arrives you can easily view, download and print your transactions across your accounts through Internet Banking. Your transactions are also stored in the mobile banking app as soon as you’ve made them, just in case you need to confirm the amount.


Find more ways to pay

Simplify your banking by starting at the source of what can be a financial frenzy; your wallet or purse. Not having to carry a physical card appeals to a lot of people for its convenience, and instead of tapping your People’s Choice credit or debit card, you can choose to store a secure version on your phone or smartwatch and tap that instead.

Depending on your phone, Google Pay™, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay uses facial, fingerprint or passcode recognition to make payments so no one else can, even if they get hold of your phone.


Sort your savings and goals by naming your accounts

Have multiple accounts for different bills or savings goals? Putting your money into different “buckets” can make your financial life a lot simpler, but not when they have the same account name, linked to different cards.

Take control of this account chaos and bring them to life by giving them specific names. For example, if you’re putting money away for a specific goal like a holiday, set the account name to “Euro trip 2020”. Multiple transaction accounts can also get confusing – name one “Bills” so you know that’s the one your direct debits are coming out of – reducing the chance your money is in the wrong place.

This will not only simplify your banking, but it could also help you to sort and reach those savings goals sooner!


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