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People’s Choice has achieved B Corp certification, which not only recognises the work we're doing, but is also a commitment to continue that work – and do more.

What is B Corp certification?

B Corp certification is an independent, internationally recognised way to measure an organisation’s total social and environmental impact. Final certification is only given to those that achieve strict standards. The B stands for “Benefit for all”, and it’s proof that an organisation is doing good. There are only some 500 B Corp organisations in Australia and just over 5,000 across the world.

At People’s Choice, we sought B Corp certification to gain a better understanding of our social and environmental efforts, and develop a clearer pathway for the future.

Achieving B Corp certification is an exhaustive process, which looked at every aspect of our organisation and took nearly two years to achieve. B Corp assessors analysed the way we interact with our members, employees, and communities, as well as our environmental impact and governance standards.

Some of our key projects

These are some of our recent activities which played a key role in achieving certification: 

Our head office at 50 Flinders Street, Adelaide, is one of Australia’s greenest buildings, with a 6 Star NABERS Energy rating and 6 Star NABERS Indoor Environment rating. 

What else does B Corp look at?

In addition to the above, the assessment took into consideration: 

  • Customer satisfaction targets
  • Job flexibility and leave entitlements
  • Community giving programs
  • Loan products with social benefit
  • Dedicated services for remote communities
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products

Looking to the future

B Corp certification isn’t only about what we've done. It’s also about what we're going to continue to do and improve. We'll be re-assessed in three years time and we’re determined to do even better.

To find out more about B Corp and the global movement for change, visit bcorporation.com.au.

People's Choice and sustainability

We recognise our responsibility to care for the environment and play our part in addressing climate change.

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