People's Choice no longer offers financial planning advice.

While we are extremely proud of the outstanding service provided by our financial planning team over the years, we have now stepped away from this area.

Recently, financial planning has become increasingly complex and specialised. This means it’s no longer feasible for a retail banking organisation such as People’s Choice to offer financial planning effectively over the longer term.

    Planning my financial future

    Our aim at People’s Choice is to be with you all the way, supporting your banking needs no matter what stage of life you are at.
    And we have the right banking products and the right people to help you achieve your financial goals, including:

    Take control of your financial future

    Whether the future is next year, 10 years ahead, or your retirement, we firmly believe you can make it better – not only by having the right financial products - but by sensibly managing and monitoring your money. By investing a little bit of your time now to make sure your finances are set up well, you’ll be able to reap the rewards in the years ahead.

    Supporting your plan

    While People’s Choice no longer offers financial planning advice, we certainly recognise that a sound financial plan – developed by a qualified professional – can be a powerful tool to build and protect your wealth, from today until retirement and beyond.

    So, if you have a plan, we have the financial products to help make it a reality, with everything from savings accounts and credit cards through to home loans and insurance.

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