Information provided

Current Credit Reporting
('negative' only)

Comprehensive Credit Reporting
('positive' and 'negative')

Personal information (things like name, date of birth and current address) yes yes
Credit enquiries yes yes
Prior defaults yes yes
Public record information, court judgments and other serious credit infringements yes yes
Type of account (home loan, personal loan, credit card etc)
Credit limit
Opened and closed dates
Repayment history information – 24 months
Term of loan or credit facility

Credit reporting in Australia

When you apply for credit, we use information in your credit report to help make an assessment on your application.

We will securely provide CCR information on a monthly basis to the three credit reporting bodies in Australia. By providing the information to the three credit reporting bodies, it will allow us to use CCR information supplied by other financial institutions on any of your future applications for credit. For more information on each of the credit reporting bodies, you can visit their websites below.

Did you know?

You can request a free copy of your credit report each year. Contact the credit reporting bodies directly (you will need to provide some identification). It's important to check your credit report to ensure the information contained within is accurate.

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