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Schools bring a variety of benefits to their host suburbs, some of which might come as a surprise to you.

Consider these four benefits when deciding on a suburb, and it won't just be your future self thanking you!

1. Better roads and traffic management

Whilst living close to a school may mean you're more susceptible to peak drop-off/pick-up traffic, take a look at the more significant roads that feed traffic into those drop off areas. Typically they're well maintained, safer and have active traffic management – all great things when you're behind the wheel.

2. Improved public transport

Public transport services in these suburbs are generally more reliable, frequent and multiple routes. This, on-top of better traffic management, gives you a few more options and can significantly improve your commute to work, sporting events or a night out on the town!

3. Street maintenance

Ever noticed that the streets closer to schools always seem to look a little cleaner, sharper or even just more frequently mowed? Well, that's no coincidence. Council's will generally keep the roads, verges and shrubbery around the school in better condition. After all, it's the most frequented area by non-suburb dwellers; why not make a good impression?

4. More green space

Want to feel calmer, happier or even less stressed? According to the World Health Organisation, access to green spaces in urban environments improves overall health and well-being. That means those school ovals are not only a great place to work out, relax or have a game of football, but also can potentially improve your quality of life!



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