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 Tip 1 : A small change

Cut non-essential expenses to increase the amount or frequency of your savings deposits. Cutting out a barista coffee on the way to the office every workday can save you more than $1,000 per year.   

Tip 2: Reward yourself

Rewarding your accomplishments can be a great motivator to stick to saving. Accommodate rewards to celebrate your savings progress in your plan, so that when you save $10,000, you can spend $200 (or 2%) of what you’ve saved, without falling behind on your plan. 

Tip 3 : Watch it grow

Monitor your statements  monthly to view how much interest you are earning and get the satisfaction of watching your balance grow. 

Make sure to register for eStatements which are easier to manage and retrieve through Internet Banking.

Tip 4: Long-term saving

Look at fixing your funds in a long-term investment at a high rate, or consider speaking to a financial advisor to work out an investment strategy.
Be realistic with your timeframes so you don’t lose motivation.

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