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In November 2023 we unveiled our new brand, announcing that Heritage and People’s Choice will be unified under the new name of People First Bank. Now, we’re taking you behind the scenes to share the meaning behind our new name, logo and brand colours. 

A name to reflect our continued commitment

Our new name of People First Bank says exactly what we’re all about – people. This is a fresh new name that builds on our past, reflecting the deep roots and values of both Heritage and People’s Choice. It is underpinned by the feedback from you, our members, who let us know you wanted us to keep putting people first. 

People First Bank reflects our continuing focus on delivering positive change for our members, communities and people, while highlighting our ongoing commitment to being a customer-owned alternative to the listed banks. We remain 100% member-owned. 

A logo to mirror our core purpose

Our new logo is a combination of the letter P and the number 1, representing our name and purpose. 

It’s made of three unique shapes working together to make something better. This symbolises the power of mutuality and community, showing how the collective is greater than the sum of its parts.

New colours to put people first

Our new primary colours are white and Ribbon Blue, inspired by the blue ribbon. This is a nod to the exceptional quality of our service and our drive to put people in first place. 

A new era in Australian banking

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