It’s no secret caravanning is a great way to see a large country like Australia and take in its diverse landscapes. If you’re looking to buy a caravan, we understand! We also understand it can be an overwhelming process, with what can seem like endless options and choices. If you’re wondering how to buy a caravan and what caravan to buy, we’re here to help. 

Will a towing vehicle be needed?

If you’re wanting to buy a campervan, motorhome or RV, you don’t need to worry about a towing vehicle. But if not, do you already have a suitable car you can tow a caravan with? Make sure you check your cars towing capacity. Don’t forget to consider what you’re comfortable with towing as well. While we’re talking about size – make sure the caravan will fit where you’re intending to store it when you’re not using it. 

Know your budget

Once you’ve decided on the type of caravan you’re looking for, consider whether you’re buying new or used, and make sure you set a realistic budget. What are your must-haves? Are you flexible? Are you going to be making any upgrades or modifications? You might not need facilities if you’re going to be going to be using the ones at campgrounds. Consider how you’re going store it – do you have room at your property or will you need to pay for storage?

Financing a caravan

We have a range of personal loans to choose from. Our comparison tool is a great place to start, and you can work out what your caravan loan repayments could be with our personal loan calculator. Our savings calculator and savings accounts could help you reach your goal.

Apply for a caravan loan

You can apply online, by calling 13 11 82 or by visiting your nearest branch.

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