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  • How can I avoid ATM fees?

    To avoid an unwanted transaction fees we recommend you withdraw cash from a People’s Choice ATM, another major financial institution’s ATM (such as the Big Four banks and BankSA), a supermarket self-service checkout or participating retailers using EFTPOS facilities. We encourage you to check for fees before completing any transaction at an ATM.
  • Where can I find a People's Choice ATM?

    People's Choice ATMs can be found at all of our Branches and our Lending & Advice Centres. Click here to find your closest branch and ATM using our Locate Us tool.
  • What will the new People's Choice ATM look like?

    People’s Choice ATMs can be recognised by our logo and our People's Choice green.
  • Will I be advised of any fee when using a non-People's Choice ATM?

    Yes. Before any transaction (withdrawal or balance check) is finalised the ATM will display the operator’s transaction fee and offer you the option to accept the fee and continue, or decline the fee and cancel the transaction. You can decline and end the transaction at this point to avoid the fee. We recommend you always check for fees before completing an ATM transaction.
  • What is happening to rediATM and when?

    From Friday, 1 March 2019, People’s Choice will leave the rediATM Scheme and introduce our own branded fleet of ATMs predominantly located at our branches. Learn more about alternative ATM options for fee-free withdrawals.
  • Why are People's Choice leaving the rediATM scheme?

    Participating in the rediATM scheme is a large investment of our members' money. Recent industry-wide changes introduced thousands of fee-free ATMs and with the use of ATM services declining, we decided to invest this saving towards ongoing development of services that members are using more and more.
  • What does leaving the rediATM scheme mean for me?

    You are likely to incur a fee if you use rediATMs from 1 March 2019. However, you will have access to thousands of other fee-free cash withdrawal options including:
    People’s Choice branded ATMs – located predominantly at our branches which are shown on the branch locator tool via our website or App.
    Thousands of ATMs operated by other major financial institutions including the Big Four banks and BankSA.
    Participating retailers using EFTPOS facilities including Coles and Woolworths self-service checkouts.
    Bank@Post through Australia Post, with the first two transactions fee-free each month.
  • Will anything change with the functionality on a People's Choice ATM?

    No, the following functionalities will still be available at a People’s Choice ATM for our members to use free of charge:
    Cash withdrawals from up to three transaction accounts if they are linked to your card
    Cash and/or cheque deposits at deposit-taking ATMs to accounts linked to your card – up to three transaction accounts/savings accounts and two loans
    Transfers between your People’s Choice accounts linked to your card – up to three transaction accounts/savings accounts and two loans
    Change of your PIN
    Account balances

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