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We're here to help but first, we need to understand if your concern is an unauthorised transaction and/or a dispute.
  • What is a Visa dispute?

    A Visa dispute occurs if you believe a transaction on your statement is incorrect, if you haven't received a purchase or there is another issue with something you've bought using your Visa Card.

  • What is an unauthorised transaction?

    An unauthorised transaction is one you did not agree to. Here are some examples of when a transaction is generally considered to be authorised by you:

    • You provide your card details over the phone or internet to make a purchase;
    • You present your card for payment (Paywave, with/without a signature);
    • You use your PIN to authorise a card purchase;
    • You sign a card slip to authorise a purchase.

    If you believe that you have an unauthorised transaction on your account, it is important that you contact us immediately by calling 13 11 82.

  • Have you contacted the business directly?

    Have you contacted the business directly? It is generally a good idea to contact the business first. This may remind you of a purchase that you did make or a payment that you did owe them! In some cases (e.g. the goods haven't been received) we will ask you to attempt to contact the business as a first step. Resolving issues such as not receiving a good or service, being charged more than once or the products are unsatisfactory or defective, may also be able to be done faster by contacting the business.

    In the wake of Coronavirus, businesses may have solutions in place for resolving issues around products not being available, delays or services being cancelled altogether. Also be sure to allow adequate time for the business to respond to your enquiry.

  • Things only the business/merchant can resolve

    While we do our best to help with your enquiries, there are certain things only the business (merchant) can resolve:

    • Refunds or exchanges if you change your mind;
    • Membership or monthly subscription payments which you authorised;
    • Issues with software you've downloaded. Please note, if you feel you have been subject to cyber crime, you can find information and next steps by visiting the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) website or by calling us on 13 11 82.

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By using your People's Choice Mobile Banking App or Internet Banking, you can review your transactions online, anywhere, anytime to keep track and identify any transactions you don't recognise.

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