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The People's Choice Community Lottery is going 100% digital this year. Early Bird tickets are selling online from September 30 through the newly developed People's Choice Community Lottery website.

This means that this year community groups will not only continue to keep 100% of the proceeds they raise from their $2 ticket sales, but they will now be able to fundraise without having to physically sell, count or return tickets.

Since its inception, the People's Choice Community Lottery has helped raise more than $20 million for more than 1,500 community and not-for-profit groups around Australia. With a pool of 70 prizes worth over $300,000, it is a great opportunity for participants to collectively raise more than $1 million to help them reach their fundraising goals.

People's Choice spokesperson Stuart Symons said moving the Community Lottery to a fully online format made sense on the back of increasing consumer preference for using digital platforms.

"We tested the idea of moving online with past participants and it was well received. A digital lottery gives greater opportunity for groups across Australia to take part, provides them with the ability to fundraise 24/7 to a much wider audience, it removes the hassle of handling paper tickets and frees up valuable volunteering time," he said.

"We also take the work out of fundraising by organising all the prizes, offering marketing support and providing the use of a website where groups can register and where their supporters can purchase tickets."

Mr Symons said People's Choice has maintained its significant levels of community support with contributions far exceeding national corporate averages.

"Through the Community Lottery and our other programs, People's Choice has generated $3.1 million for the community during the past year alone. During 2019/20 we contributed 5.4% of pre-tax profit to corporate community investment – seven times the 0.79% average contribution made by major Australian and New Zealand companies." (Source: LBG Australia)."

2020 People's Choice Community Lottery. Supporting local Australian communities

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