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  • How long will it take to transfer my regular payments from my old financial institution to my People's Choice account using the switching service?

    There'll be a short transition timeframe to redirect your regular payments. Your old financial institution has five business days to provide us with the regular payments list. The billing or crediting organisations might take some time to process the switching request, and some require notice well in advance of the billing date. If this is the case, the change might not take effect until the next billing cycle. To minimise any inconvenience and avoid dishonour fees from your old financial institution, you should keep enough funds in your old account to cover any direct debits that are scheduled during this ‘switch period’.
  • Do I have to notify the billing or crediting organisations of my new account details?

    People's Choice will arrange to receive your Regular Payments List from your old financial institution. We'll contact you to confirm the transfer of your regular payments and manage the switch of your regular payments to your nominated People’s Choice account.

    Additionally, you may be contacted by the billing or crediting organisations to confirm your details and account changes in accordance with their policies.

    Note: While every effort is taken to ensure the list is complete, the Regular Payments List we receive may not include all regular or one-off payments and may include some cancelled arrangements. Please ensure you check the Regular Payments List thoroughly.

  • How does the switching service work?

    Complete and return the Request for Regular Payments List form.

    Word version - complete the digital form, print, sign and return. If you are unable to print the form simply call us on 13 11 82 or visit your nearest branch.

    To avoid any delays with processing, please ensure that the form is signed in accordance with the signing authority on the account.

    Return the completed form to us in any of the ways listed on the form. We will then send this form to your old financial institution requesting a list of your direct debits and direct credits for the previous 13 months. We will then contact you to arrange a time to determine which direct credits and direct debits you wish to switch and which you wish to cancel, and complete the relevant variation and/or cancellation forms on your behalf.

    Once you have signed the relevant forms, we will notify your old financial institution and the direct debit and direct credit suppliers of the changes. We will then send you a written communication to confirm the switching request has been completed.

  • Where do I return the completed Request for Regular Payments List form once I've filled it out?

    You can return the completed form in the following ways:
    Post: People’s Choice Member Support Services – Direct Entry Team, GPO Box 1942, Adelaide SA 5001
    In person: At your nearest branch
  • What types of payments can be transferred using the switching service?

    The switching service only applies to direct debit and direct credit payments.
  • How can I switch my transaction accounts to People's Choice?

    Good choice! Simply apply to become a member and have your Tax File Number and identification handy.

    To make switching easy, please provide us a list of all regular transactions from your previous financial institution.

    Alternatively, click here to complete the form, return to us and we'll obtain a list on your behalf.

    Once completed, simply give us a call on 13 11 82 or visit one of our branches.

  • Why switch to People's Choice?

    At People's Choice, we're member-owned. This means our customers are actually our owners, who have a direct say in how we do things. Everything we do is designed to benefit our members, and any profits we make are reinvested back into providing better products and services.
  • What type of account does the switching service apply to?

    The switching service only applies to transaction accounts that are owned by one or more persons (either individually or jointly) for non-business purposes. Savings accounts (such as the Online Saver Account), business accounts (such as the Business Access Account) and any account owned by a corporation are not covered by the switching service.
  • Where can I find details about the interest rates and fees that apply to People's Choice transaction accounts?

    You can check out our transaction accounts here
    Our fees and charges brochure can be downloaded from this page
  • Does the switching service close my old account?

    No. Most financial institutions will need you to either call or visit a branch to close your account and won't accept written authorisation. If your old financial institution does accept written authorisation, here’s the form you can use to close your old account.

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