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  • What is the People's Choice code and Direct Entry User ID for processing Batch Payments?

    The People’s Choice bank code is CRU and the Direct Entry User ID is 048080.
  • How do I use Batch Payment Processing?

    Batch Payments Processing is available to all members that have Internet Banking access. It can be accessed by going to the ‘Transfer/Pay’ Tab in Internet Banking and selecting ‘Business Banking’.

    The main Batch Payments page displays the batches for any accounts you have debit access to via Internet Banking.

    In the case of a joint or signatory account, all members related to the account will be able to view and maintain any batches created for that account using their membership (provided they have Internet Banking access).

    The main Batch Payments page displays batch details such as Batch Name, Debit Account, number of transactions in the batch and status of the batch. You can view all batches or select to view Pending, Scheduled or Processed by clicking on the appropriate tab.
  • What is Batch Payment Processing?

    Batch Payment Processing is a function available in Internet Banking that allows members to set up, maintain and process batches of payments.

    Payment types include internal and external transfers.

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