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  • What are non interest free transactions on a credit card?

    Non interest free withdrawals include:

     - Cash withdrawals
     - Any transfer from the account
     - Corporate cheque withdrawals
  • Do all credit and debit cards still need to be signed on the reverse?

    Yes. This is still required as the signature on the back of the card will continue to be used for verification in certain situations, such as withdrawing cash at your local branch and travelling abroad to a country where PIN is not available for payment of goods.
  • If my account is not interest free eligible how can I make it interest free eligible?

    You will need to pay the closing balance of your account as it was on the last day of the previous calendar month in full, and once this is done your interest free eligibility will be regained and interest will stop accruing on any purchases that form part of your unpaid daily balance, from the date you make this payment (until your account ceases to be interest free eligible again). This can be done at any time during the month. Interest accrued up until the eligibility is regained will be charged at the end of the month.
  • What is the Visa Credit Card fee?

    Visa Credit Card Accounts carry a $59 annual fee. This fee is waived if you have a home loan, One to One or financial planning relationship with us or if you are under 25 years old and hold an Activate Account.

    Visa debit cards have no annual fee.
  • What is an overlimit fee?

    An arrears/overlimit fee is charged where you overdraw your account past an approved credit or overdraft limit or, if you have no approved limit, overdraw your account. This fee is charged if you remain overdrawn 20 days or more. To avoid this fee we recommend you monitor your transactions to ensure your account does not become overdrawn and settle any overdrawn balances as soon as possible. Debit interest also applies to overdrawn and overlimit balances. Overlimit fees do not apply to credit card accounts.
  • What is cash advance?

    A cash advance is an option cardholders can use to withdraw cash against their approved credit limit. Receiving a cash advance can simply be a matter of using a credit card at the nearest ATM.

    Please note that there are no interest free days that apply on cash advances, interest charges are incurred from day one. Fees and charges apply to a cash advance. Refer to our Disclosure documents for more details.
  • What is a credit limit?

    A credit limit is the maximum amount that People's Choice Credit Union has approved for you to borrow.

    Credit limits should be carefully monitored to ensure that you do not exceed your designated amount. To ensure that you do not exceed your limit, you may find it helpful to keep a pocket notebook with you to write down your purchases. You can also check balances regularly via Phone Banking or Internet Banking, noting sometimes there may be purchases still to be processed to your account.

    SMS Banking is also available to help you keep in touch with your finances. You can check your accounts whenever and wherever you want simply by using your mobile phone, another way to ensure you don't overspend. Refer to our terms and conditions for more information on SMS Banking.

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