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  • How do I make a car insurance claim?

    Making a car insurance claim is easy. Just fill out the car insurance online form here. You can also call CGU on 13 24 80 , quote your policy number and make a claim 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • My child under 25 drives the car occasionally. Do they need to be listed as a nominated driver?

    If you have a Nominated Driver Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy or a Nominated Driver Low Kilometre Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy, you will need to update your policy to a standard Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy as the Nominated policies do not cover any loss, damage or liability if your vehicle is driven by someone who is under 25 years of age.
  • Will I have to pay an excess if the accident was not my fault?

    If it's agreed the incident was not the fault of the driver of your vehicle, and we are provided with the contact details of the person who caused the incident, including their name, current residential address and vehicle registration, and who they are insured with, you won't need to pay your excess.
  • Why is there so much variation in pricing between insurance providers?

    While the static item in an insurance quote is the type of car and where you live, insurers pricing includes a range of elements including what is covered in the policy and the dollar limits of each cover. Other elements affecting price are how much you drive your vehicle, and how many people drive your vehicle. Therefore it is important for you to check your insurance policy to make sure it has the level of protection that best suits your needs, and take advantage of any discounts that may be available.
  • If I have an existing insurance policy, can my no claim bonus be transferred over?

    We base our no claim bonus on your driving history not your insurance history, even if you haven't had insurance in your name in the past.
  • Do I have a choice of either agreed or market value?

    You have a choice to insure your vehicle for either an agreed value or the market value.
  • I'm in the process of buying and selling a new car, what happens to my insurance during this time?

    We will provide temporary cover if you permanently replace your vehicle in the period of insurance from the date of purchase for a maximum of 14 days. All you need to do is contact us with the full details of the replacement vehicle within 14 days of taking ownership of the vehicle. A new premium for your replacement vehicle will need to be calculated.
  • What does 'market value' mean?

    Our assessment of your vehicle’s value at the time of the incident you are claiming for, using local market prices and considering the age and condition of your vehicle. It includes any modifications, options or accessories attached to the vehicle, GST, registration, and Compulsory Third Party Insurance (if applicable).
  • Can I get a discount if I have an alarm fitted?

    No. Our claims experience suggests thefts of vehicles, and thefts from vehicles, does not differ significantly enough to warrant a further discount between vehicles with and without alarms.
  • Why do I have to pay an age excess?

    Drivers under 25 have a higher likelihood of lodging a claim where they are at fault. To compensate for that, an age excess applies if you are at fault in an accident.
  • What does 'agreed value' mean?

    Agreed value is the amount we agree to insure your vehicle for and remains fixed for the term of the current policy period. It is adjusted on each renewal and shown on your current schedule. An agreed value policy means that in the unfortunate event of your vehicle being declared a total loss, you know what you’ll be covered for, regardless of changes in the market. This value includes modifications, manufacturers' options and accessories that we have agreed to insure.
  • What is the difference between Comprehensive, Third Party Fire and Theft and Third Party Property Damage Motor Vehicle Insurance?

    Comprehensive provides cover for loss or damage to your vehicle in the event of an accident, fire or theft. It also covers your legal liability for loss or damage to another person's vehicle or property. Third Party Fire and Theft provides cover for damage to your vehicle by fire and theft only and your legal liability for loss or damage to another person's vehicle or property. Third Party Property Damage provides cover for your legal liability for loss or damage to another person's vehicle or property - however, it does not cover damage to your car.
  • How much does car insurance cost?

    The cost depends on a number of things, including your type of car and whether you’ve had an accident before. There are some ways to lower the cost, like if you name the drivers on your policy or if you choose a policy that has a limit on how far you drive each year. The fastest way to see how much your insurance costs and look at your options is to quick quote.

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