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  • If I’m looking for a car, can I get a loan approved before I find the car I want?

    Yes, we can conditionally approve a Personal Loan for you before you buy.
    You just need to submit an application form, let us know how much you want to borrow and we’ll review your application.

    We offer 90 day pre-approval to give you time to find the car that is right for you.

    You can apply for a Personal Loan online, by calling 13 11 82, or by visiting your nearest branch.
  • How much can I borrow to purchase a car?

    Our Personal Loans start from as little as $2,000 and our Discounted Personal Loans start from as little as $10,000.

    The maximum loan is based on the amount that you can afford to repay.

    Calculate how much you can borrow with our free Personal Loan calculator.
  • Do I have to be a People's Choice member to apply for a car loan?

    No, you can apply for a personal loan with People's Choice even if you are not a member.

    If you're not currently a member, you'll need to become a member before the car loan can be finalised.

    And have no fear, it’s a quick and simple process!

    Click here to become a member with People's Choice.

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