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  • How do I use Google Pay?

    It’s easy!

    Unlock your device using secure Android device lock, pin, password or pattern
    Hold the device over the contactless terminal.
     There’s no need to open the Google Pay App first, just tap.

     You can also use Google Pay to make in-App purchases.

    Spotted the Google Pay logo or ‘Buy with Google Pay’ at checkout?
    Select the payment option and confirm.
  • How is Google Pay secure?

    Google Pay creates a virtual card that is stored within the App, therefore the physical card details are not stored or displayed. Virtual card information is protected by the secure Android device lock, pin, password or pattern, which must be used when making purchases.

    More information?

    Payment information is encrypted with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and stored on secure servers. The physical card details are never shown in the App or shared with the merchant when the payments are made in store.
  • Can I use Google Pay to make in-App purchases?

    You can!

    Can you see the Google Pay logo or ‘Buy with Google Pay’ at checkout?
    Select the payment option and confirm.
  • Will I receive a digital receipt for my purchase and how will it appear?

    You will receive a receipt as a standard Android notification.

    Click on the notification to view your receipt which will display the merchant name, merchant logo and merchant contact information along with the basic transaction details (time, amount, etc).
  • What are my card limits when using Google Pay?

    Your virtual card will have the same daily limit as your physical card.
  • What happens if I have lost my phone?

    The digital card will need to deactivated, this can be completed by contacting our National Contact Centre 13 11 82.

    This will not affect the use of the physical card.
  • How do I download Google Pay?

    Download the Google Pay App from the Google Play store. Your device must be NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled and running operating system Lollipop version 5.0 or above.
  • What cards can I register for Google Pay?

    All People’s Choice cards plus a large range of loyalty or gift cards.
  • How do I set my People's Choice card as my default card in Google Pay?

    Open the Google Pay App on your eligible device and tap the ‘+’ sign, then either enter your card’s information or take a picture of your card.

    If using a Visa Debit or Credit Card you will always need to enter the three digit CVV number located on the back of your card, and accept the People’s Choice conditions of use.
  • I was prompted to receive a One Time Password. What is it why is this required?

    We confirm your identity with a One Time Password to keep your accounts secure. This code can be sent via SMS or by contacting our National Contact Centre on 13 11 82.
  • What are the benefits of Google Pay?

    You can create a digital wallet! Register multiple cards along with your reward cards.

    You can also view extra payment information when making purchases and use Google Pay while overseas.

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