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The People’s Choice Community Lottery has once again made an enormous contribution – raising almost $1 million for community and not-for-profit groups across Australia.

A total of $955,116 was raised for more than 700 organisations, ranging from sports clubs and animal rescue groups to local charities and emergency services in South Australia, Victoria and the Northern Territory.

“It’s fantastic to see so many wonderful community organisations benefiting from the Community Lottery” said People’s Choice spokesperson, Stuart Symons. 

“The Lottery raised almost 20% more funds than last year, which is significant because every participating group keeps the full $2 of every ticket they sell.”

Community Lottery was established almost 40 years ago with that specific goal – to help smaller groups with limited resources to raise much needed funding. 

People’s Choice organises and funds the entire process – from gaining the licence and securing the prizes, through operating the website and driving promotions, to notifying the winners and maintaining all records – so the participating groups only have to be concerned about selling the tickets.

The results this year were outstanding. The Lottery’s official charity partner, HeartKids, raised more than $110,000. The Cat Adoption Foundation raised more than $20,000, while the Henley and Grange Baseball Club, the Flinders’ Medical Centre Volunteer Service and St Patrick’s Parish in Pakenham each collected more than $10,000.

“The Lottery this year had two fantastic cars as first and second prizes, and a total prize pool worth more than $300,000, which you just can’t offer if you’re a local footy club or community daycare centre,” Mr Symons said.

This year’s major prize – a new Toyota Kluger GX AWD Hybrid worth $59,537 – was won by Linda Thornton, a stalwart at the Roadrunners Softball Club based at Tilley Reserve in Adelaide’s Surrey Downs.

“I was sitting in my car when the young lady phoned and I just couldn’t believe it, then I was crying and she was crying,” Linda laughed. “It was shock and disbelief because literally just the night before, my husband and I were talking about it been time to change one of our cars.

“I do want to thank everyone at People’s Choice. Roadrunners Softball Club has been involved with the Lottery for a few years and we think it’s really good because it supports grassroots sports where fundraising can be really difficult.

“My aim now is to use my win to spread the word to others about the Lottery and get more clubs involved next year!”

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