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Implementing budgets and spending planners are great ways to feel financially savvy, but the easiest place to start is often the least obvious.

Getting on top of your finances should start with your wallet so we've put together some handy tips to help you cut down on some of your financial clutter.


1. Keep important cards at the front

No one likes to be that person in the cue fumbling through their wallet to find their card. A simple order to your cards, placing your go to debit cards at the front will save you lots of hassle and won’t leave you feeling embarrassed at the check out.


2. Clear out your wallet weekly

Over the course of the week you’ve probably accumulated a whole lot of stuff that can either be given the flick or can find a better home; business cards, receipts, coupons, you name it. Sorting through your wallet on a regular basis will not only allow you to lighten the weight of your wallet but also organise important items such as receipts you might need for tax time. Chuck out what you don’t need and keep all other important items in their own spot at home - don’t let them pile up in your wallet. Remember you can download a People's Choice Digital Wallet so you can tap and pay using mobile wallet payments.


3. Minimise your cash

In this day and age almost every retailer takes card. Keep some spare cash for emergencies and leave your coffees and lunches to your People’s Choice card.

If you’re carrying cash because you owe someone for lunch, Fast Payments are just as instant, allowing you to transfer to their bank account within seconds freeing up more valuable space.


4. Buy a smaller wallet

A great way to force yourself to not hoard receipts, chewy wrappers and whatever else you can fit is to buy a smaller wallet. This way you’re limited by space and can only hold the important items you use regularly.


5. Turn your phone into your wallet

If you hate lugging around your wallet altogether, setup Google Pay, Apple Pay or Android Pay on your smartphone or smartwatch. Enjoy all the benefits of your People's Choice card without having to actually carry the physical card. Simply tap and pay for fast, convenient and secure payments.


6. Download loyalty card apps

If you’re like us and love a good deal, you’ve probably got more rewards cards than you can count on two hands. Not only can you pay for your items using your phone, you can even add all your rewards cards onto it as well. Moving all these cards out of your wallet and onto an app will save lots of space and also make them easier to find when you’re in a rush.



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