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The Dreamer

You’ll find The Dreamer wistfully flipping through the newspaper ogling mansions, or scrolling through real estate websites without the max price filter set. The dreamer will generally have champagne tastes on a beer budget but that doesn’t mean they’re not in the market too. A dreamer just needs guidance and to be shown through the process.

Our advice – Don’t get us wrong, we’re all dreamers at one point in time but buying your first home isn’t the time to dream too big. That infinity pool and five-car garage will probably need to wait awhile. So take a look at what you can actually borrow by using our home loan borrowing calculator and see what type of dream home is your reality.

The Calculator

The Calculator has done their homework. They know how much they can borrow, how much their repayments will be, heck they’ve probably even got projections for how they will pump more into their loan to pay it off faster! 

Our adviceIt’s great to be so organised but remember this isn’t a math problem to solve; it’s a house that will become your home. There’s no point in buying a great investment if you don’t love living there. Put the calculator down for a minute and see if it’s somewhere you can see yourself living. If the answer is no, then it doesn’t matter how good the sums are, it’s not right for you.

The Handyperson

The Handyperson can be found at open inspections knocking on walls to find beams for future renos or the couple who walk into a rundown kitchen with a leaking tap and don’t see problems, only things which need some power tools to fix.

Our Advice – You got skills! But if home reno shows have taught us anything it’s that renovations can be tiring and stressful. However, if you can keep your mind focused on your goal then there is no better feeling than renovating your own home and reaping the benefits of your skill and hard work. Don’t forget to factor in the reno costs when you take out your mortgage!

The Passenger

Often seen being towed along by an enthusiastic partner, The Passenger is just that, along for the ride. They’ve been told that they should buy real estate but haven’t had the desire to do much research on the matter.  Be careful of the passenger, as while they may not appear interested they can spook easily and sometimes put in a last minute request for a feature their new home absolutely must have. Bathtub, koi pond, giant shed, wardrobe for shoes etc. 

Our adviceIf you’re reading this you’re probably not a passenger are you? You might send it to your passenger to read but as their name implies… They probably won’t. So as the partner of passenger, what can you do? A passenger can become your partner in crime with just a little help. Don’t drag them to home after home every weekend, take them to your top picks, ask what they liked and didn’t like and find out their favourite suburbs. Work together to find your perfect home and your passenger will get just as much satisfaction from the experience as you.

The Over Excited

Just like an excited Labrador, The Over Excited buyer can be dangerous… to themselves! They’re on the phone to the agent as soon as the listing goes live; they’re always the first one at an open inspection with rose coloured glasses firmly in place. We suggest that this buyer type avoid auctions or if you do attend, keep your hands firmly in your pockets!

Our advice – Take a deep breath and relax. There are countless homes on the market and new ones are always coming up, too. If you miss out on one, there will be a better one just around the corner. Speak with a Home Loan Adviser to get some perspective on your home buying journey. It could be a good idea to ask a trusted confidante to come with you to keep you in check throughout the process too. But don’t forget that it’s still a very exciting time, don’t lose that buzz, just keep it in check.

No matter what type of first home buyer you are, take a look at our buying a house journey, or chat to us!  We are here for you every step of the way.


Dreaming up your first home? We're here to help you make your dream a reality.

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