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With Christmas fast approaching, the silly season is ramping up. It can be easy to get caught up in the hype, and unfortunately Christmas can be a wasteful time of year. If you’re wondering how to be more sustainable, we’ve put together some eco-friendly tips.

Choose your tree wisely

Are you trying to decide between a fake Christmas tree and a real Christmas tree, and you’re unsure which is more environmentally friendly? While it may seem counter-productive to cut down a tree, a real Christmas tree is more eco-friendly than a fake one. This is because most fake trees are made with plastic and non-biodegradable materials that end up in landfill. They would need to be used for at least 10 years to have the same impact on the environment as using a real tree each year. 

Of course, you don’t have to have a traditional tree either. There are many ways you can have a tree alternative. You can rent a Christmas tree, make a DIY tree with lights or crafts, or decorate an existing houseplant. There are endless options!

Opt for handmade decorations

For an eco-friendly Christmas, opt for handmade decorations (either by yourself or a local business) with sustainable materials. There are many tutorials and blogs online if you’re keen to get into the crafts, from tree decorations to Christmas wreaths. Making Christmas crackers or bonbons can also be a great way to be more eco-friendly and even create a gift. If you’re not up for making them yourself, you can buy plastic-free crackers.

Give lasting gifts

There are several ways you can be more sustainable when it comes to Christmas presents. Shopping local, making your own eco-friendly gifts such as crafts or food, or giving a lasting gift like a plant are all great options. Doing Secret Santa or Kris Kringle can not only be better on the pocket; it can also be less wasteful if you’re getting someone one main gift rather than multiple smaller ones.

Wrap it then recycle it

Christmas wrapping paper is a huge contributor to waste, and unfortunately not all of it can be recycled. Avoid paper that has glitter or foil and opt for a recyclable wrapping paper instead. Remember to remove bows, ribbons and sticky tape before popping it in the recycling bin. You can also try fabric wrapping your gifts – the fabric can become part of the gift too!

Food for thought 

The festive season can mean a lot of food, so cutting down on food waste is a significant way to have a green Christmas. Make sure you use the leftovers, and if you have to throw things out, compost them. When food shopping, try to shop locally and opt for food with minimal packaging. And on the big day, don’t use plastic plates and cutlery!


Four steps to an ecofriendly holiday

Many of us try to be environmentally conscious at home, but it can be tough to keep up when travelling. Here are four ecofriendly holiday tips to help get you started.

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