Your Green Room. Your opportunity to help shape your banking experience, be the first to know, and be rewarded for doing so.

Welcome to The Green Room. This is your place to share what we're doing well, what we can do better with, and for you to hear about updates, changes and highlights that will be making their way to your banking experience.

It's another way to help make sure our products, services and experiences are working for the people that are, and that bank with People's Choice. Plus, you'll be the first to hear about upcoming changes, updates and even be in the running to win prizes.

To get started, join the green room, and begin helping shape your banking experience.

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Hear from The Green Room

  • Help make good great

    I feel privileged to be able to give my opinions and thoughts regularly.

    - Nima    
  • More member, less number

    Thanks for the opportunity to express my views, it makes me feel more like a member and less like a number.

    - Marlene
  • Share what matters

    Love knowing that my opinions matter and are considered when my bank is adapting to change

    - Christopher     

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