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Thanks for choosing People's Choice. We're glad you're here, and we want to be the first to congratulate you on your decision to join a financial institution focused on helping you, the community and the environment thrive.

All good things take time, so whilst we're hard at work setting everything up for you, we've put together this page to help you get the most out of your People's Choice banking experience. We want to make sure you're confident with your banking, which starts with a solid setup. On this page, you'll find the information you need to get going with Internet Banking, our Mobile Banking App, your mobile wallet, and much more. We've also included a few quick tips, tricks and FAQs here to really turbocharge your setup.

Of course, we're always here to help, so if you need us, please get in touch.

    We're glad you're here. Let's get you started.

    • Set up Internet Banking

      Get set up to use your Internet Banking, including managing your accounts, setting up direct debits and transfers, creating a PayID and keeping your accounts safe with a secure code.
    • Our Mobile Banking App

      Install our Mobile Banking App on your Android or iOS device so that you can manage your money on the go and make the most of your mobile banking experience.
    • Your digital wallet

      Learn how to use your physical card to set up Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Wallet, and make payments on the go.
    • Activating your card

      Learn how to activate your new card and secure it with a PIN through your Internet Banking and the Mobile Banking App.
    • Finding your local branch

      Find your local branch, Lending and Advice Centre or ATM – as well as check their opening times.
    • Setting up payments

      Learn how to set up direct debits, schedule payments, use BPAY®, Bank@Post and transfer money with your PayID and Osko.

    Common FAQs

    • When should I receive my card?

      Your card should arrive between 7 to 10 business days after you become a member and create your account. If you have not received your card after this time, please get in touch.
    • Where can I find my payee details?

      If you have PayID set up, you can find your payee details in Internet Banking or on our Mobile Banking App.

      To see your PayID in Internet Banking:

      • • Log in
      • • Click “Accounts”
      • • Click “Manage PayIDs”

      To see your PayID in our Mobile Banking App:

      • • Log in
      • • Tap the ““ in the top left to open the menu.
      • • Tap “Manage PayID”

      If you have not set up PayID, you can view your BSB and account numbers through Internet Banking and our Mobile Banking App through the Accounts page.

    • Why do I have a member number and an account number

      Your member number and account number are separate details.

      Your member number is your personal number with People’s Choice and the number you use to log in to Internet Banking. Your account number is the number given to your individual bank accounts with People’s Choice.

      You will only have one member number, but you might have multiple account numbers if you have more products with us.

    • What Is a PayID?

      PayID is an easy way to make sending and receiving payments simpler. It allows you to link financial accounts to more common information such as your mobile number or email address.

      Your accounts will still have a BSB and Account Number, but you will be able to provide your PayID to receive payments without sharing your BSB and Account Number. You can also send money to others using their PayID.
    • How can I credit my salary into my new account

      You can set up your salary to credit into your new account using our Salary Transfer Request Form.
    • I received a PIN Letter in the mail. What is this?

      Your Pin Letter is a separate letter to the one you receive with your card – this is to keep your account secure. Please store your PIN Letter in a safe location until your card letter arrives, as you will need it to set up your People's Choice card.

      Retain your Pin Letter as you will need it to set up your card when it arrives. If you have lost or misplaced your Pin Letter, please get in touch.
    • Where can I find your current savings and term deposit rates?

      Our current rates are available on our website or in-branch. You can access our latest rates online here.

      Rates applying to your products can be found on your eStatements through Internet Banking or our Mobile Banking App.

    • I'm travelling overseas soon. How can I let People's Choice know?

      Travel Advice is being removed from our Internet Banking page. If you are travelling overseas, please notify us before you travel by:

      i. Sending us a Secure Mail via Internet Banking, or
      ii. Calling us on 13 11 82, or
      iii. Visiting a branch.

      This is important for your security and your access to your accounts.

    Blogs and articles to help you learn more

    We've put a series of our articles and blog posts together to help clear up any questions you might have about your day-to-day banking experience.

      Financial wellbeing

      • Digital banking security

        Visit our digital banking security support page for tips on how to stay safe online when using your digital banking services.
      • Financial Wellbeing Hub

        We're for people, always. If you're feeling unsure about your finances, visit our Financial Wellbeing Hub for resources and options that might help.
      • Fraud and Scams

        Learn how to spot, avoid and alert your loved ones about potential fraudulent activity and scams. Our Fraud and Scams page has resources to help keep you safe online.

      Tools and calculators

      Still lost? Let's get you some help.

      If something doesn't seem right, or you could use some help getting things sorted, you can always contact us. Our branch staff are always happy to help, and our National Contact Centre can assist with your enquiry.

      Other ways to get in touch

      • Locate Us

        Visit your local branch if you need in-person assistance getting set up to start banking with us. Find your nearest branch below.
      • Call us

        Our National Contact Centre is based in South Australia, and are available on 13 11 82 to help you from:

        8am - 8pm Monday to Friday (ACST)
        8.30am - 4.30pm Saturday (ACST)

      • The Green Room

        Share your experience with us, hear about upcoming changes first, contribute to our better banking experience and be in the running for some great rewards along the way.