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Whether you’ve already taken the leap or you’re considering coming onboard, we’re here to make moving banks and consolidating your finances a seamless experience.

Here are three simple steps to get yourself set up so that you can return to banking as usual in no time:

1. Start with a transaction account

All good things start with a great transaction account. Check out our available transaction accounts to find out which is most suitable for you. 

If you’re not a member with us, you can apply online here

If you’re an existing member, just follow these simple steps to open a new account via your Internet Banking or the Mobile Banking App.

2. Switch your direct debits over to your new account 

Re-route your direct debits so that all of your bills and subscriptions are kept under the same roof.

To do this, you can either contact each of your service providers individually to change your billing details over or use our switching service (where we do the hard work for you). Find out more about how our switching service works here

Either way, just make sure that you have enough funds in your old account to cover any direct debits that are scheduled during the switch-over period.

3. Credit your next payday into your new account

For the final step, it’s time to credit your salary into your new account.

Just give your employer your new account details, or better yet, fill out and send them our Salary Transfer Request Form.

Why stop here?

Now that you’re all set up, explore the ways that we can help you reach your next goal.

Thinking about refinancing your home loan? If your current home or investment loan isn’t ticking all of the boxes, it may be time to refinance. Check out the most common reasons to refinance here.  

Want to buy a new car? We can help you get there with a personal loan that’s right for you. Compare our personal loan options here.

Need help saving? Whether you’re saving for a holiday, a house deposit or a rainy day, our Dream Fund will help get you there with its competitive bonus interest rate. Explore the benefits of this savings account here.


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