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If you’re in the market for a new car, there are many benefits to going green. So, if you’re looking at buying an electric car as your next vehicle, we understand. At People’s Choice, we offer a Green Car Loan, which gives you a discounted interest rate for a green vehicle - whether it’s hybrid, electric or hydrogen. 

We also understand you may have some questions before making the switch. We answer five common questions about electric cars below. 

1. Are electric cars expensive? 

The Electric Vehicle Council lists 33 electric passenger vehicles currently available in Australia. Depending on the model, they currently range from around $44,000 up to $270,000. It’s expected electric cars will become more affordable as the number on our roads increases, which in turn will boost the second-hand market.

2. What do I need to know before buying an electric car? 

Here are some things to know before buying an electric car:

  • How much you drive matters: An electric car is great as a run-around vehicle, as opposed to regularly driving long distances. As they normally offer 100-150km of driving range, if you drive more than 200km most days, you may want to reconsider getting an electric car. 
  • If you’re going second-hand, check the battery: If you’re opting for a used EV, make sure to check the battery’s status and the warranty. It’s normal for batteries to lose capacity over their lifetime. 
  • Know how you’re going to charge the car: Electric cars can be charged using public chargers, and if you have a suitable place to park your car at home you can also charge it from a standard power point. You may want to check with an electrician about installing a dedicated EV charger. Some can be integrated with renewable energy systems such as solar, for a sustainable and more cost-effective charging solution. 
  • Electric cars have software: Being modern technology, electric vehicles can be easily upgraded for bug fixes and new settings. Before buying your electric car, make sure it has all the latest upgrades installed. 

3. How long does an electric car’s battery last? 

According to the Australian Electric Vehicle Council, today’s EV batteries are expected to last as long as the average car (if not longer) – around 15 years. When buying the car, check the battery’s warranty. There are things you can do to help your battery life, such as avoiding regular fast charging and running the battery too low.

4. What are the running costs of owning an electric car?

According to the Australian Electric Vehicle Council, EVs have lower running costs, as fewer moving parts means less maintenance. There’s also the obvious saving on petrol or diesel. And if you charge your electric vehicle with solar power, your charging cost is free. 

The Australian Government’s Green Vehicle Guide has tools and calculators to help you calculate your annual fuel costs and work out the time and cost of charging your electric vehicle at home.

5. How do I charge an electric car? Do I need to buy any special equipment?

Two common ways of charging an electric car are using a public charging station or charging your electric car at home. The easiest way for most people to charge at home is using the charger supplied with the car, plugged into a regular power point. There’s no installation cost with this option, but it has a longer charging time.
However, a better long-term solution could be to install a ‘Level 2’ charger, which offers faster charging and can get most electric cars to full charge overnight. There will be an out-of-pocket cost for this. 

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